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My hot pepper. phone



  • Hot Pepper Support Team

    Hi Carrie A Moore. Physical damage such as a cracked screen is not covered under the manufacturers' warranty.

    Unfortunately, if the screen is not responding to touch input, there would be no way to bypass the pattern unlock.

    Our offices are closed for the holiday weekend, but please give us a call on Monday at 1-855-737-7377 (855-PEPPERS) between 9am – 6pm Eastern Time to discuss possible alternatives.


  • puppykicker

    I also have the Hot Pepper through Q-Link.
    You need to contact Q-Link about your device.

  • Arshanay Pratcher

    Ordered replacement still no order number update or tracking number hot pepper they sent us was defective to begin with we don't want another one at all please tell me where my phone is


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