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Hot Pepper VLE5 firmware



  • Hot Pepper Support Team

    Hi Brian - thanks for reaching out to the Hot Pepper Support Team.

    While we request for a link to the latest firmware, please attempt the following:

    1. If you have a microSD card in the phone, remove it before rebooting the phone (it's possible that there's a file on the card that's trying to install)
    2. If that doesn't work, please perform a factory data reset as listed below

    Factory Data Reset

    1. Simultaneously press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons
    2. Continue to press both buttons until a menu
    3. Navigate to Recovery Mode using the Volume Up/Down buttons; press the Power button to select
    4. On the screen that says No Command, press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons
    5. Navigate to Wipe data/factory reset using Volume Up/Down buttons; press the Power button to select
    6. Press Yes on the confirmation prompt
    7. Once completed, you will be brought back to the Recovery menu
    8. Select the Reboot System Now option

    Please inform if this works to bring your phone out of the fastboot mode. Thanks.

  • Tracy Hoffman

    will this hot pepper phone work with straight talk?


  • Hot Pepper Support Team

    For the Poblano, please ask Straight Talk if they can activate on the Sprint network.

    In case you were asking about the Ghost, please ask if they can activate on the Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T networks.

  • JS MH

    My VLE5 is having the same issie as O.P.:
    I tried the instructions, removed the SD card, did a factory data reset, but it is still stuck in Fastboot. :-(
    Brian (OP) wrote:
    "My Hot Pepper VLE5 is stuck in fastboot mode. Corrupt firmware. Could you provide a link to the current firmware"

  • Cody Wilson

    I have qlink wireless whom I got my pepper from that phone is currently smashed out of order beyond recognition I had this device it is approved through it is a Galaxy a01 through straight talk it has been approved and killing sent me the new SIM card I cannot get it to accept the same phone network is black in the card. I need that s*** I need to somehow with my outer commission hot pepper switch everything this phone or something help me no one wants to help I'm homeless in Wisconsin no phone but it's a good adventure maybe you guys can help? Send

  • Ernest Lillie

    My phone was reset and I can't rember email and password

  • Zianab Kosia

    My hot pepper say invalid sim after I insert my orange sl sim


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